“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” – Lord Krishna

“The soul is never born and never dies. It is eternal and always present.” – Lord Krishna

“Love and devotion is the key to achieve inner peace and happiness.” – Lord Krishna

“The path of karma yoga is the path of selfless action with detachment and equanimity.” – Lord Krishna

“The greatest wealth of a soul is love, compassion and devotion.” – Lord Krishna

“One should perform duties without any attachment to the results, and with devotion to the divine.” – Lord Krishna

“The wise man sees every living being as equal, regardless of their race, caste, or creed.” – Lord Krishna

“The true yogi is one who can see God in every being and all things.” – Lord Krishna

“Work for the welfare of the world with love and selflessness.” – Lord Krishna

“The highest form of worship is to live a life of love, compassion and selflessness.” – Lord Krishna

“The mind is like a restless monkey, but by constant practice and detachment, it can be tamed.” – Lord Krishna VIVEKANANDA GOOD MORNING QUOTES IN TAMIL

“A person who truly surrenders to me, attains supreme peace and the ultimate salvation.” – Lord Krishna

“The path of devotion is like a beautiful flower, blooming with love and devotion to the divine.” – Lord Krishna

“The greatest religion is to love the divine and to love all living beings with equal compassion.” – Lord Krishna

“One who sees the divine in everything, and everything in the divine, is a true yogi.” – Lord Krishna

“The journey of life is a constant search for the divine within oneself.” – Lord Krishna

“The mind is the cause of bondage and liberation. It is up to us to choose which path to follow.” – Lord Krishna

“Detachment is the key to true happiness and inner peace.” – Lord Krishna

“One who lives a life of truthfulness, purity, and selflessness, attains the blessings of the divine.” – Lord Krishna

“The beauty of devotion to the divine is like a flower, spreading its fragrance everywhere.” – Lord Krishna.