“Good morning da, appo than naan mood aagum!” ( “Good morning dude, that’s when I’ll be in a good mood!”)

“Kalakuringa pa, idhuku ivlo early vanthalum!” ( “You’re doing well, even though it’s so early!”)

“Ellaarum kidu kidu pogalam, naanu illa pa. I’m always ready for some fun!” ( “Everyone can yawn, but not me. I’m always ready for some fun!”)

“Ellarukkum sandhosham undodu irukku, but enakku sandhosa paduthirukku!” ( “Everyone might be happy, but I’m feeling extra happy!”)

“Pandirukalam, ivvalavu nerama vantha… thangachi kita breakfast ku naan thalli pooren!” ( “Let’s wait a bit longer, until my little sister wakes up. I’ll take her out for breakfast!”)

“Good morning da, ennoda romba close friend-u vanthu enna da matter?!” ( “Good morning friend, what’s up with my close friend coming over, huh?!”)

“Enna machan, avlo easy-a intha vela pathutu irukae-la?” ( “What’s up man, how are you finding this job so easy?”)

“Good morning pa, enakku oru panchayathu announce panni irukkalaam-a?” ( “Good morning dad, should I announce a village meeting or something?”)

“Ippo enna jolly-ah irukalam-nu enakku theriyum, but unakku…” ( “I know I’m feeling great right now, but how about you…”)

“Good morning da, nee khathaluku velila vandhaa indha weekend odi pogum!” ( “Good morning dude, if you come in for work today, this weekend will work out just fine!”)

“Enna da, indha maanam da nee ellam romba jolly-a irukkira… nee onnume panniya kashtam illaiya-la?” ( “What’s up, you seem so happy today. Haven’t you faced any trouble at all?”) LONG GOOD MORNING LOVE MESSAGE FOR HER

“Good morning machan, ena achu da idhellaam? Naan periya mokka adikka pora kutti mogam!” ( “Good morning dude, what’s with all this? I’m a little kid trying to crack big jokes!”)

“Enna da, nee yen enna koottam urchaganu vandha?” ( “What’s up, did you come in as an undercover agent for the team?”)

“Good morning pa, yaaroda peru erukku idhu? Thiruttu payale!” ( “Good morning dad, whose name is this? Stealing bird!”)

“Enna pa, nee ippadi opaari izhuthittaye. Ippo thappu pannita matter re-run agirum!” ( “What’s up, you’re mourning so much. Now you’ll need to re-do things if something goes wrong!”)

“Good morning machan, enaku enna uyir padaippu-nu theriyum, nee enna uyiranda thappu solura?” ( “Good morning dude, I know what my life purpose is, do you know what your purpose is?”)

“Enna di, nee enna oru lottery ticket vaanginu vandha?” ( “What’s up, did you come here to buy a lottery ticket?”)

“Good morning pa, unnaala vaalkama irukku. Vera enna panna mudiyum?” ( “Good morning dear dad, I feel like I can achieve anything with your support. What else can I ask for?”)

“Enna da, unakku oru porumai-nu theriyum-nu edhukku janalukku theriyum?” ( “What’s up, why is it only the mirror knows that you have self-respect?”)

“Good morning machan, ennaachu da, intha thendral-na iruntha namma love story-um romba different-a naan work-la vanthu thappi katta vandhen!” ( “Good morning dude, what happened, our love story would have been so unique with the breeze from last night. I got confused and came to work!”)