“Good morning my love, my day starts with your gentle kiss and my heart sings with joy.”

“The morning air is filled with love and the light of your kisses brightens up my day.”

“Your good morning kisses make me feel like the happiest person alive.”

“The sun rises, the birds sing, and my heart beats with love as I wake up to your sweet kisses.”

“Each morning I wake up to your loving kisses, and I thank the universe for bringing us together.”

“Good morning my sweet love, your kisses fill my heart with warmth and my soul with happiness.”

“The morning sun shines brighter when I wake up to your loving kisses.”

“With each good morning kiss, you make me feel loved, cherished, and grateful for the gift of your love.”

“Good morning, my love. Your loving kisses make my day worth living, and I feel blessed to have you in my life.”

“I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, knowing that your loving kisses await me.”

“Your good morning kisses are like a warm blanket, comforting me and giving me the strength to face the day ahead.” HAPPY WED NES DAY GOOD MORNING

“The morning breeze brings a new day and hearing you say good morning with a kiss, fills my heart with love.”

“Good morning my love, my heart skips a beat when I feel the tenderness of your lips. Your morning kisses are everything to me.”

“Every morning, your kisses remind me that no matter what happens, our love will always be there to light up our days.”

“The first thing I do every morning is wake up to your loving kiss; it’s the best part of my day.”

“Good morning my sweet, your loving kisses are the perfect start to my day, and they make my heart sing with joy.”

“I wake up every morning feeling grateful for your love and your sweet morning kisses that make everything better.”

“Watching the sunrise with you and feeling the warmth of your morning kisses is my idea of heaven.”

“Good morning my love, your kisses are like waves crashing onto the shore of my heart, soothing and calming all my worries.”

“I wake up every morning knowing that my day will be filled with love and happiness because I start it with your sweet kisses.”