“Monday: it’s like a punch in the face with a warm cup of coffee.”

“Monday mornings are the spice of life… and we all know how much we hate spice!”

“I hate Mondays, but I love Coffee. It’s like a love-hate relationship.”

“Nothing beats a case of the Mondays like a good cup of coffee… and maybe a bag of donuts.”

“Monday mornings are like exams. You either ace it or die trying.”

“It’s Monday, don’t worry, the weekend will be here before you know it… in about 5 long days.”

“Monday is a fresh start to a new year’s worth of disappointment.”

“Monday mornings: when your bed feels like a magnet and your coffee is stronger than your motivation.”

“Mondays are like a horror movie, except they happen every single week.”

“If you want to see a grown adult cry, just tell them it’s Monday tomorrow.”

“Monday: because we all need a reminder of how much we love the weekends.” GOOD MORNING WISHESIN FRIENDS IN ENGLISH

“Monday- proof that the universe has a sense of humor.”

“Monday blues? Add a bit of sugar and cream in your coffee, and you’ll be fine.”

“Monday mornings are like groundhog day: a never-ending cycle of pain.”

“Monday is the day when your body asks, ‘Why do you hate me?'”

“It’s Monday. Don’t worry, you’ve got this. At least until 9 am.”

“Mondays: the day you realize you haven’t thought about work for two whole days… and it’s all about to come crashing back.”

“If Monday had a face, I would punch it.”

“Monday- the day we question why we didn’t become a cat and sleep all day.”

“Monday mornings are like a kick in the gut. But, hey, at least we’re still standing… kind of.”