“The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s Monday! Let’s make this week amazing.” – Unknown

“May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.” – Unknown

“Rise and shine, it’s Monday time! Embrace the new week with a smile and a positive attitude.” – Unknown

“Flowers are like friends, they bring color, joy and beauty to our lives. Happy Monday!” – Unknown

“Good morning and happy Monday! May your day be filled with sunshine, happiness, and beautiful flowers.” – Unknown

“Don’t let Monday get you down. Remember to stop and smell the flowers along the way.” – Unknown

“Each new day is a gift from God. Make the most of this Monday and enjoy the beauty of the flowers around you.” – Unknown

“Monday is the perfect day to start fresh, to set new goals, and to appreciate the beauty of life’s simple pleasures, like flowers.” – Unknown

“Good morning! May your Monday be filled with vibrant flowers and endless possibilities.” – Unknown

“Monday blues? Not with these beautiful flowers to brighten up your day! Happy Monday!” – Unknown

“Good morning and happy Monday! May the scent of flowers and the beauty of nature bring you peace and joy today.” – Unknown GIRLFRIEND ROMANTIC GOOD MORNING

“The start of a new week is like the beginning of a beautiful flower. Let’s watch it bloom together. Happy Monday!” – Unknown

“Monday is a fresh start; a chance to bloom and grow like the flowers around us.” – Unknown

“Good morning! Let the flowers remind you that Mondays can be beautiful too. Embrace this new week with gratitude and positivity.” – Unknown

“Happy Monday! May the beauty of nature’s flowers inspire you to chase your dreams and make the most of this week.” – Unknown

“Mondays can be tough, but the colorful flowers of this world always bring a smile to our faces. Have a good one!” – Unknown

“Let’s start this Monday with a grateful heart and an appreciation for the simple beauty of flowers.” – Unknown

“Good morning and happy Monday! Today is the perfect day to stop and smell the flowers, embrace new opportunities and start fresh.” – Unknown

“Just like each flower has a unique beauty, each day has its own special magic. Let’s make this Monday one to remember!” – Unknown

“Good morning! May the vibrant colors of the flowers around you lift your spirits and bring you joy. Have a happy Monday!” – Unknown