“Rain rain go away, come again on any other day… but not Monday please!”

“Rain, rain, don’t ruin my Monday morning coffee.”

“I love the sound of rain on Monday… because it means I can stay 5 more minutes in bed.”

“Rainy Mondays are like unwanted guests, they just won’t leave.”

“Monday is here, and so is the rain. Let’s hope for a productive day, and no wet socks.”

“Good morning, rain. Good morning, Monday. Just kidding, I’m not excited about either of you.”

“Rainy Mondays make me feel like a character from a romance movie.”

“Woke up this Monday morning to the sound of rain drops. So, I guess the universe is just trying to tell me to stay in bed.”

“Monday is like the rain, not everyone likes it, but it’s necessary for life.” “Good morning, world! Let’s conquer this rainy Monday like the sunshine is on our side.”

“Rain, rain, go away, Monday’s here to stay… but at least we have coffee to make it all okay.” GOOD MORNING SATURDAY HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND

“Monday + Rain = Necessity for More Coffee.”

“Good morning, Monday. Please don’t be too rainy, I just got my hair done.”

“Is it just me, or does rain on Monday’s feel like karma for something we did last week?”

“Whoever invented the concept of Monday should also invent the concept of a permanent weekend.”

“Monday morning rain, just a gentle reminder that the weekend is officially over.”

“It’s raining on Monday, but that doesn’t mean the week is already ruined… yet.”

“Rainy Mondays make me wish I had a remote to fast forward to Friday.”

“Monday’s are like your ex, they come back every week, and they’re always obnoxious.”

“Rainy Mondays are perfect for wearing pajamas all day.”