“Roses are red, violets are blue, waking up to you, is the best thing to do.”

“Good morning my rose, you bloom brighter than any flower in the garden.”

“Just like the fragrance of the rose, your smile spreads joy wherever you go. Good morning.”

“Waking up next to you makes every morning feel like a bed of roses.”

“May your morning be as beautiful as the petals of a rose. Good morning.”

“I picked this rose for you, to remind you how special you are to me. Good morning, my love.”

“As the sun rises, I thank God for blessing me with a rose like you. Good morning.”

“Like the rose, you bring color to my life. Good morning, my sunshine.”

“Every morning feels like a new beginning with you by my side. Good morning, my rose.”

“Waking up to your smile is like a fresh bouquet of roses. Good morning, my love.”

“Like the rose, you are delicate but strong, beautiful and rare. Good morning, my darling.” GOOD MORNING HINDI SH

“The morning is sweeter with you in it, like the fragrance of a bunch of roses. Good morning.”

“Your beauty is like a rose, blossoming with every passing day. Good morning, my rose.”

“The morning dew on the rose reminds me of the sparkle in your eyes. Good morning, my love.”

“Every morning with you is like a garden full of blooming roses. Good morning, my sweet.”

“Like the rose, you inspire me to be the best version of myself. Good morning, my love.”

“A rose like you deserves to be cherished every morning. Good morning, my sweet angel.”

“Like the rose, your love is fragrant and comforting. Good morning, my sweetheart.”

“Waking up to your smile is like the first bloom of a rose. Good morning, my love.”

“May the fragrance of this rose remind you of my love for you every morning. Good morning, my angel.”